Minor requirements (pending approval):

A Minor in Urban Studies requires completion of 18 credit hours, selected from at least three different disciplines with a maximum of nine hours from any one discipline, to include:

1. A required course of three hours:
GEOG 10013 An Urban World: Introduction to Urban Studies

2. A minimum of six hours to be selected from the following core courses:
ECON 40463 Regional and Urban Economics
GEOG 30713 Urban Geography
POSC 30103 Urban Politics
HIST 30803 Urban History

3. A minimum of three hours with a service learning, internship or independent research component. These courses would include, but would not be restricted to:
CRJU 40963 Internship in Criminal Justice
POSC 40960 Civic Literacy Internships
SOCI 30213 Applied Sociology
HIST 30813 Texas Communities Oral History Project
GEOG 40323 Urban & Business Applications of GIS

Or with prior permission from the Urban Studies advisor, students may also select from:
URBS 30003 Independent Study in Urban Studies
URBS 30013 Internship in Urban Studies

4. Six additional hours of relevant coursework from the list of approved Urban Studies courses or approved by the Urban Studies advisor to be completed subject to the distributional requirements.

5. No course may be applied to both a student’s major and minor requirements. If one of the above courses is required for a student’s major, the student may substitute another approved course in the minor. The student would not be required to complete a second Internship or service learning course.