Mapping the presidential election in Dallas-Fort Worth

November 2016

As the dust settles on the 2016 presidential election, many pundits and academics alike are trying to make sense of the surprising results in the presidential race. TCU Center for Urban Studies Director Kyle Walker (Geography) and Center for Urban Studies affiliates Emily Farris (Political Science) and Sean Crotty (Geography) teamed up to visualize the […]

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The Over Time Impacts Of Smoke Free Air Ordinances In Texas

August 2016

TCU Economist and Center for Urban Studies affiliate Dr. Silda Nikaj, along with colleagues Joshua J. Miller and John Tauras, have published a working paper titled “The Over Time Impacts of Smoke Free Air Ordinances in Texas” as part of the National Bureau of Economic Research’s working paper series.  The working paper is accessible from […]

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Explore the history of Latino Fort Worth

May 2016

TCU History professor and Center for Urban Studies faculty affiliate Max Krochmal and his colleagues have developed a new website, Latino Fort Worth, that allows visitors to explore the history of the city’s Latino community.  The website includes video clips from over 40 oral history interviews on topics such as migration; the barrios; schools & churches; work & entrepreneurship; […]

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Studying cities with open data

April 2016

Last week, Center for Urban Studies director Kyle Walker gave a talk at TCU titled “Studing Cities with Open Data.”  In the talk, he discussed ways in which open data is being used to learn more about the cities we live in, and some of the challenges that remain for making open data truly “open” and […]

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